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jeudi 17 mars 2016

Blue Horizon Proburn

This is a cable burner. You think you are going to throw your money away. And it could be true if you just have enough patience playing music instead of buying this device. The disturbing thing is that even with cables that have few hundreds hours on if you give them a "burn" they just sound better after it.
And this is expecially true for tonearm cables  since considering the low cartridge voltage they are really never completely burned in. In the picture you see me using it to cook the Naim tonearm cables using some adaptors I have made to make this possible. The difference is very evident. It is not like going from a cheap cartridge to the most expensive one but much more like going from a middle range cartridge to the higher range proposition of the same manufacture.
So for me this device is an absolutely must for tonearm cables. For other cables it is a maybe. What does this maybe means? It means that if you want to wait few hundreds hours for your Cardas to sound right or your Naim NAC A5 you don't need it (I have used this examples since Cardas cables need an eternity to settle down and the Naim NAC A5 sounds the best just near the end of the eternity) , but are you considering that you are using your system just to make your cables sound the way they should? And adding useless listening km hours to it? If you have expensive valves this is absolutely not a good idea. What I cannot understand is why dealears not offer this service. It is a necessity. If you are not like me that like changing cables and don't have time to burn them in and don't want your system to get old burning cables and not enjoing it, then you must either have it or push your dealer to have it and charge you for the service. I would say it should be very fair to charge about 50 euros for each burning or for each after burning. It is really worthed.
Don't try to hear what it does. It is much better remain ignorant and keep thinking what is more convenient for our wallet. You can keep on thinking it is useless. As you could keep on thinking that the force of gravity doesn't exists because you still live in an epoch when nobody still explained it. But if you have bought a good cable and you are serious about your hifi do you a favour: let it go through the Proburn.

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