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vendredi 19 février 2016

Vovox Textura

I really didn't have the right attitude for this cable. I have always not liked this kind of  design: big solid core conductors. I have always felt the resulting sound lacking in body even though transparent and also surprisingly inconsistent.
So when I connected this cable to hear it I was not only not curious at all but also not well disposed.
And then I didn't really like the look. In these recent years in the market we have more and more the presence of "home made" looking products. The Vovox looks a step more refined then this trend but still looks poor considering its price. You could like its sober look though, but you really feel by looking at it that you didn't have it right for your money. The comparison between a less expensive cable from Wireworld like the Eclipse 7 looks like the comparison between a Maserati and a Renault. The Maserati being the Wireworld.

If the Wireworld would be just look and no good sound you could say that all the money in the Vovox had been invested in the quality of the materials and for its performance but this is not the case since the Wireworld is an excellent cable for its money and beyond.
I am not going to compare the two cables excepts their looks also because I will write about the Wireworld Eclipse 7 interconnect in a next future.
Another thing for who read my blog: I will never write down about a product that doesn't perform at least very well. There are plenty of products that perform just well or even just acceptable or just insignificant expecially loudspeakers even from highly considered makers. I don't want to put down anybody so when I listen to a product that sound poorly I would not write anything about it. When I listen to something in three different systems in my house (high watt, tubes,  class A) and to a fouth one in my friend's house that is tube low power high efficinecy speakers, and we get similar impression I think I had given the listened material enough room and possibility to shows its real potential and flavours.
So if I write about the Vovox Textura it means it is a good product. And it is a very good product indeed.

The first thing when I listened to it was the complete lack of similarity to what I was expecting from its sound and the way it sounded.

No sign of tonal fragility. Expecially no trace of the midium high lack of body that is present in many cable with big solid core conductor construction that I cannot stand.
What it keeps from its solid core design is a kind of fluidity and easiness. Even with the relation with the music and silences. Silences are deep but never heavy, very well integrated with the nature of the music reproduciton. This is the major achievemnt for me of this cable. It is an extremely difficult achievement. The relation between music and silences in most components is a broken one. To make it more clear I try to make a vision comparison. Let's say we draw something or we take a picture of something and then we put this thing on a LCD screen. Immediately we are aware they don't belong to each other. The picture or the drawning is of a clearly different nature of the background. And it doesn't matter if the picture or the drawing is of extremely high quality you will feel the same. You will look at a magnificient picture hanginfg on a LCD screen and you will be always aware they don't belong to each other. I feel it is much better havind a picture of lesser quality that comes out directly from the LCD screen then one of an exceptional quality that hangs on a LCD screen.  This unfortunately happens to many even excepionally good components. Sometimes the silence is too deep and dark and it makes you feel or better it makes me feel like the music is draging in it, like it has some difficulty in emerging from it, even though it si really not like that but it makes me feel this way. This is the same very reason why I always liked the Cardas Golden Cross but never loved it. On the other hand sometimes it is like this silence get stuck with the music and pieces of this silences comes with the timbric redition, it feels liek they mix too much togheter. In this case I feel like this silence is too light too greysh or too foggy. It often happen with tubed components.
One feeling that we have with this cable is its very limited editorial effect on music reproduction.
It is transparent but not so much to make you feel overloaded with useless music information.
If I have to say its personality in a coupple of words I would say it  elegant composure. I like this way of putting a lot of saying in two words. I feel it is very explicit. I will try in the future to do it with everything I hear.
Any good thing has its limits that are consequences of their qualities. The limit of this cable is: a lack of surprice. What does it means? It means that you always will enjoy how no frequency is reproduced in an aggressive way, how the bass is there even though you would not think was there, the sonic landscape is very well rendered and so on, but never you will be taken by surprice by an explosive dynamic, or think:  this is interesting, very interesting the way it swings, or whatever. It is true that meny components that propose you this kind of surprises tend to wear you out with their limits or difects. This is a cable for the one that after having detected something that goes wrong in a component they cannot help but being completely absorbed by it. It is like the famous water drop at night. It shouldn't boder you but at the end drive you crazy. It is not for the ones that want be shaken by new emotions and they are ready to pay for them with the intrusion of some nastiness.
When I was younger I was more in the second group. I was listening to music to feel the connection with a certain driving force, not just rithmic, but like a big pulsing wave; yes music had a lot of similarity with water for me at that time.  Now I feel a lot of other connections, you can also sip the water and taste it and also smell it, but especially disconections, like it feels good but its taste it is too salty, so this is a cable that for me has the right ingredient if not to make me happy not to be worried by it and especially, something that happens very, very often, to wanting to change it  and taking it away  from the audio chain. It doesn't sound like a big compliment, but I am sure that the experienced reader knows that this is a big compliment indeed.

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