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lundi 4 juillet 2016

Wireworld Platinum Electra Power Cord

This is the top of the power cord line offered from Wireworld.
There are still many out there, but they are becoming less and less, that think a power cord cannot make that much difference. The ones that keep on thinking this belong to the same categorie of people that at the beginning of the genesis of the hifi cable war were saying the same thing about interconnect and loudspeaker cables.

It is true that you can put up togheter an extremely good system with fairly cheap wires but generally these systems are already expensive and if you put on them better cables they will sound better anyway.
It is also true that each system and each ears have preference over a certain cable and it is not true that the more expensive one is always the best matching or to our liking.
This is a prelude to say I am not the kind of being seduced by a price tag (even though I am very sensible to build quality) , but I am not the kind of keeping an hard line that a cable cannot make a difference. I plug a cable and give time to settle and if it is good to my ears is good. For me it is like going out to dinner: I don't care if they explain me how fantastic and elaborate a plate is, I taste it and if I like I like if I don't l don't. But we have to admit that if we want to be for help to others we are not going to write about wines if we don't drink wine or about how good a fish is done if we cannot stand fish at all. We must have a certain exposition and a developped sensibility to these kind of taste and nuances. 
If you are considering spending this kind of money on a power cord it means you already been exposed to the ruin of being after not only to what you like but to the mistery of how good it can be.
Let's say it immediately: this cable is an extremely good power cord. Its place is with the very best.
The Platinum Electra is surely better then most cord cables costing 20-30% less (I say most since I didn't heard them all, it is impossible) and it is better of most costing the same price.
If Ihave to sum its sound up in few words I would say: tidy composure within a great dynamic expression. It is true that many times these two qualities or adjectives are mutually exclusive, for this reason I think the Platinum is a special cable. 
Its dynamic window is very open and relaxed nothing is projected or compressed. Yes you have a sensation of frequencies freedom in all the music spectrum. All this with a dead black silence. Noise floor very, very low. I would say there is no noise at all. Surely one of the lowest for a power cord.

Then you listen a little longer and you will notice every time the same thing: it is so linear in the medium high-high frequency, linear and clean. But the best caracteristic of this is the density of these frequencies. It is not clear and ethereal or splashy, it is clear with a density. And this is rare. Generally when hifi gears goes open up high things up there get untidy. Not with the Platinum. It is clear and tidy.
Focus is extremely good and also very good are its ritmic capabilities that keeps involvement high. This involvement is lacking in many hi end power cords. You enjoy them with your brain but not with your heart. The kind of an extremely accomplished guitar player that can play everything at the speed he wants, playing each note and chords without the minor esitation but that at the end you cannot care less since he is not able to convey the soul of what he is playing.
Its timbres are very well rendered but not so colorful as in other cost no object cables and its tidiness walks on a tigthrope to be felt, I said felt, but it is more a suggestion of being slightly mechanical then the actual feeling it is slightly mechanical. This last "weak point" I think actually to be a great achievement since it let the hifi lover that can sometimes be also a music lover like I am to appreciate both things: the hifi and the music. Sometimes in some system you hear the music well pulling all the right emotions out of you, but when you are in the hifi mood and you start listening mostly with your brain you realize you need more layers more focus and so on.
But is in the using with many gears that you are going to really get the best quality of this power cord. And this quality you soon realize is a necessity. Then you put it in a preamplifier, then to an amplifier then to another amplifier and so on. Your preamp was sounding open and dynamic, it will make it sound more open and dynamic, or it has a beautiful rithmic expression it is going to make this expression even more evident, the amp you plug in is neutral, is going to be even more neutral, it is warm sounding it will make it sound warm. This cable will let the component is connected to give it all it has. If you thought your preamp was good you never thought it was so good when you connect it to this cable. And even something else: I have a preamplifier that I always considered OK but when I gave it this cable I was stunned to find out how good it was. It is like it really needed this cord to fly. Especially components conceived to be as neutral as possible  will profundly benefit from this cable because they show too often the caracter of the power cord they are connected with. So when they are kind of slow or do not focus that well or show a constrained dynamic expression you won't believe what all these caracteristics comes from the power cords they are connected with. Of course I am talking about good, well above average component, not average components. To say the truth I don't know how an average not so good component will react to this power cord, I didn't try it with, but I doubt who spends this kind of moiney on a power cord is in possession of a mediocre one.

The problem with this kind of cables is that they are so obviously superior to so many cables out there that is a real, real problem trying them out without having the money to buy them.

Another problem that I have tried to solve was this: if I have enough money to buy only one of this Platinum, where should I put it? 

The more I listen to power cords the more I realize that we have to seriously revise our way of spending on our hifi. I think power cords are the cables to start with our search on making our system sound better.

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