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vendredi 15 avril 2016

Wireworld Eclipse 7 interconnect

The beauty of the truth. This is the word I would like to use for this cable. The only thing that can go wrong with this is that the truth is not always beautiful...

I have heard different songs about wireworld products. And myself belonged to that part that didn't really know what to affirm about the sound expressed by this maker. That this maker has a wide knowledge and experience is certain, but that having experience always means you are a master I am not sure about it. I have a lot of experience in many fields and don't master any of them. But let put it short: the conceptor of Wireworld is a master in its art.

There is a consinstency of aproach and sound result in all its cables that is very rare. And the good point for us, the listeners is that the results are very predictable.
Let's start why some people would not like Wireworld cable:
the first dislike I have heard is that they sound a little cold in the high frequency. And this could be right. Please be careful that I said: could be right not that it is right. The second dislike is that they feel a little to composed not very free in the dynamic expression and this could be right too. (I am saing again could be right andd not that it is right).
So now the difference between when it could be right and how it is right.

I said it could be right becaus most of the time if not always we assembled our system in a compensatory way. So we have put some salt there, some peper ther and so on. When we instal a Wireworld cable all this dressing up is exposed. So if we had put some compress element to focalize more the sound and at the end we balanced this with a certain cable when we change for a Wireworld we will ear the dynamic compression of a certain element in our chain. But of course since you don't have either the experience or the will or the patience or many component s like I do or other people have, you would end up saying the Wireworld is a little compressed or cold in the higher frequency.

The best thing to understand Wireworld cable is to assemble a system where you change everything except the cables. So I keep in this case the Eclipse 7 between my CD player and my pre phoono and between the amp and the pre and when I don't like sonething I don't change a cable but another component. If I do this way, once I reached the right balance my system is generally very well balanced, transparent, dynamically open, extremely clean but not cold.

I have found this out after many hours of playing with wireworld cables. They were exposing not themselves but what was happening behond themselves.
So what I can conclude is that Wireworld cables (I use this generically since their consistency) from Eclipse 7 to Platinum Eclipse 7 (I have tried all the models) are much closer to neutrality that any other cable on the market.
Of course the smaller one like the Equinox and down the line show some colorations but much less then same range competitors.

The only thing to anylize is: it is a good thing to be neutral? Yes, in an absolute sense of course. Let's put this question in another way: does my system need neutral cables to perform at its best?

The story can be long.
We like to get simple in reasoning expecially when we have to spend money on something, just to be sure we are not trowing them away.
Many times I have red and I have heard: you cannot get better then from the master recording. Are you sure?
I have got this one after many, many years. Yes you can get better then the master. You must be crazy you would say. How can you get better then the less degraded source you can have. The reasoning is simple and you should not have a brain block but just open it and allow to some thinking, expecially after having recorded many things. If you have done recording in studio or anywhere the first thing you notice when listening to it is that is way different from the original event. Whatever you do, any kind of mega star trek recorder you might have the recording is going to be different then the reality.
You have already lost things, parts, of the original. If everything you have is the most neutral you are going to get almost to the master recording with its original missing parts. Or you can try to fit in the lost parts things that make senses to restore the original message.
This is what a lot of extremely good compoments do, and that we often call magic.
There is only one thing that doesn't work with this method. It doesn't work for every lost message.
The components are not intelligent, so they add magic altering the recorded message. The thing is that the magic felt in a voice can be a sirop in a piano...

So I said that a perfectly neutral component can at the best give you back not the original message, but the recorded original message with its missing components already lost in the proceding of recording.
All this prelude is to make clear and to justify the two mainly differents approach of hifi components makers: let's make as less intrusive as possible, is the first, let's give beauty where there is not beauty any more.

For me both aproach are right. It means they are both very well defendable.

There are though for us few things to consider: where to use a "absent component" and where to use a "altering component" that brings to the game its own flavour.

Generally speaking a less expensive components never aims to perfect neutrality because for the limitation of its own design already is going to have a limited dynamic and timbric reproduction and so on. So we could say in this case would be better to bring to the game something that is not there so we should use not a perfectly neutral cable. I am not sure about it.
Generally speaking again, very expensive components tends to an absolute sound so they are as close to neutral as possible: it is absolutely not true since there is much more difference in reproduction from two very expensive components then from two lesser one.
So at this point we don't know what to do.

But it is simple: we don't have to stick with an idea. 

Our goal is to get out from our system the most emotional reproduction of the music we love.

OK so you have my position on neutrality.

If instead we have the concept of neutrality as a no distortions concept this is more interesting.
Nobody likes distortions but there are distortions that are pleasent and others that are extremely umpleasent.
So either you master the pleasent distortion or you try to get rid of the most distortion you can.

This is Wireworld approach.

This cable add much less distortions to the sound that you might think.

Its sound is solid; its images are well carved in a deep silence and depth is extremely well rendered as well large and agood in hight, and timbres are well diversified, not so beautiful as VDH silver 65, but the sound is more solid since its bass goes deeper.

This cable has it all except one thing that can be either of the most importance or the less importance: it doesn't add almost anything.

As my long prelude made clear this sometimes can give a not interesting sound. If your components give a result with enough salt no other cable can be better then this one in its price range, but if it is missing some beauty, some warmth, some expression, some timing, some kind of accent somewhere, it is not going to give you it to you.
It is something that fits exceptionally well the beauty holder.

I like this cable a lot, expecially since it makes clear what it is the weak point in your system. If you use this cable and your system sound a little slow, it means it is a little slow, if give you the impression of being to hi fi you know the kind of accentuated hights and medium high range it means your system is like this. But if your system is a work of balance due by a stroke of luck or by a wise combination of elements this is the cable your system will work very probably very well with.

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