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vendredi 18 mars 2016

VDH MC-Silver IT 65 G

This was an easy one to understand. There are so many good enough cable right there today that at the end after a long listening session of few days or weeks or months you don't really know if you like them or not, or better you must like them because they don't offend you or maybe you don't like them because you would like something more of you don't know since everything seems to be there in the right proportions. But many times, too many times, especially in the last 15 years, something essential has gone. And for me it was difficult to understand what, since most of the hifi gears are better overall, in everything except in one small essential thing that this cable helped me to figure out. And at the end it was not so difficult to understand. This thing is life.
It seams everything, (reflecting maybe what we are becoming), is too self conscious of not doing wrong, the will of doing it correct, talking, explaining, and appreciating and being appreciated; avoinding at all cost a major conflict. Everything is getting like distilled water. The thing is that distilled water is so pure that life avoids it! In pure water no fish can swim.

This cable don't play this game. Maybe because is a fairly old design, even though refreshed, maybe only on the paper? Who cares. We are here to listen. 
This cable has a fantastic dynamic expression.  I would say a la Naim (olive series). But this quality is not only in the mid range, but also higher up where is very open and extremely layered in the timbric reproduction.  A female voice it is not just beautifully rendered but with it you have also the very misterious acoustic datas that makes you feel it comes from a real living body; a mouth made of flesh. 
I have tried this cable from very expensive system to a pair of laptop speakers and I always had the same impression.
The downsides. The downsides are relative to us becoming acoustically idiots. In the hifi idiocy the images could be more carved out, and this was present in direct comparison with other cables, but after changing again to the VDH 65 everything was much more natural and the music was flowing much better.
So if we cannot talk about downsides, even its price, if we want to have a critic attitude we should say then: what it misses from perfection if this would exist? In vey big orchestral crescendo you feel the dynamic headroom shrinking, like many amplifiers tends to do. Most of them. To hear it I had to put in my big system where I am sure was not the amplifier doing it. But I find this to be an absolutely minor downside since most of the music is not in the pick of a dynamic crescendo. And then to be realistic not many system can do this. And to say it more most other cables don't show it since they are dynamically compressed and forced already before the dynamic climax so you hear less this effect.
I also can detect a very slight lack of body in the medium bass range, compensated by an extremely rich texture that I think partecipates at the already said misterious quality to be able to make you feel the flesh of the singer. This I have found a little contradictory and not easy to explain. Generally the lack of body is due to some missing timbrical informations. Or maybe it is just a lack of coloration? I am not sure about the two things and I don't want to get deep into it so I just write down my feelings and impressions not what is actually happening here.
In a certain way it has a caracter that reminds me of Telefunken and Siemens ECC81 tubes,  and these are very highly respected tubes. With one better thing in comparison. Less compact-cold high frequency, since more leafed in this same region.

In its price range and more, no other cable has the same qualities. 
It is not even close. They can sound nice but dead by comparison.
And you can forget about having the same tibrical layer the same dynamic shading and expressivness, maybe you can have other things to think about but not to listen to.

This is a forgotten product. Even by me. I have never tried it before neither was I pushed by curiosity do to it so. And many of you surely share my same position. I don't know why it is not pushed in the marked; I don't know why there are not reviews around, maybe VDH cables proposition is way too wide and sometimes people that didn't like a product of his production tend to generalize saying they don't like VDH cables. I can say this is possible. It is true some company has a family sound or a sound goal achievement or direction. And these makers are predictable in their products. If you like a Cardas cable you can moove up in the range, and even today with the Clear range departing a little from the old Cardas sound you still have a certain family sound connection. You can absolutely say it with Wireworld, exceptionally consistent in the range so if you don't like one or two  product you are not going to like the others and in the same way if you like a cheaper one you will appreciate more the more expensive ones. Also MIT is capable of doing so.
VDH instead has something for every taste. So you can be a carbon man or a 3T (and even within the same range like the 3T you have very different sound) or fusion or an Orchid. These series sound very different from each other. I would be surprised if somebody listening to a Mountain interconnect would detect the Hill of the same (and just shlight less expensive) range belonging to the same manufacture. And forget about comparing the Integration, with the Orchid.
If you have the opportunity to go through the VDH cable range I think it is very possible you will find something for your taste. I think it would be easier being directed  by the distributor of your country or your dealer once of course you are able to express your liking. And this last thing is very difficult to do. When I was in the hifi bussiness it happened to me too many times to have people coming and saying they were really in love with  tubes but ending up disliking all the tubes combos and clearly prefering solid state ones. And others saying they were loving turntables but always prefering digital reproduction even in their home and keep on saying their love about vinyl. Crazy world.

Few words for the end: this VDH comes in a beautiful wood box and you have also a VDH stylo and a CD with it. Nice touch for an exceptional product.

Ok now you know what it is going to happen?
I am going to make a phone call to buy one. And since for me this is not really the right economic time to do so, to finance it I am selling one same range cable and one of higher range. Both best buy ,meilleures achats and diapason d'or in their respective categories.
It is saying enough for the comparison?

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