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mardi 29 décembre 2015

At one friend's house

At one of my friends house testing my Lector CD player with his really beautiful and extremely musical Audia Flight preampli and ampli.

I am not going to write a review of the preampli and the amplifier from this maker, not because I didn't ear them, I heard them and their sound, but because when I write about something I need to listen to it in my very different three systems and with different cables so I can more deeply know their character. What I can say is that I know very well the sound of the LS3/5a connected to them.
If you know these classical speaker you know it is easy to make sound from but very difficult to make good music from! I sold these speaker when I was in the hifi buissiness for many years and listen to them with sure more then 60 amplifications from humble integrated amplifier from Japan to British antry level stars like Naim Nait or Rega Brio, to top money combination from Audio Research, Mark Levinson, Conrad Johnson, Lamm, Pass Labs, Jeff Rowland, Chord, Jadis, YBA, Hovland, Music Reference, Audiolab, Shindo Labs,and many others and some past classics gears like Radford, Leak, Quad and others.
With the Audia Flight their sound shows at the leastet their limitation at the same time otshining their magic midrange. With other ampli preampli combination this was not the case. For example a comparison between a very expensive Mark Levinson and a Rega Brio on Naim Nait with these speakers tells you all the story about these too little amps and the classical LS3/5a: both have great midranges expression. The Levinsons for example have less beauty in the midrange then these two little amps but much, much better at the frequency extrems. With the LS3/5a it is a no go trade of since what the big ampli do better they cannot show and if they don't do better in the midrange it is useless. The Audia Flight is among other two combination that can give more breath to the LS3/5a at the same time not loosing the magic midrange.

This is an a preampli ampli combination that has not become a classic just because is not American.
If belonged to the big American names could have sold for double price and be worthed at the eyes of the buyer since their buildiing construction is second to none.

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